Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Salford Swim..

The Great Salford Swim was announced yesterday and will take place on 15 May. This is much earlier than we had hoped and clashes with two other major sporting events in Manchester that day, which means the BBC has decided to televise it live...exciting! But means it may be a logistical nightmare getting there, getting about considering we have children and grandparents tagging along.... however the end result is we decided to enter.

The website is down tonight, maybe they are overwhelmed by response? Hoping to register tomorrow for the 12:50 wave.. woohoo!

So I have the 2.5k Swimathon in April, the Great Salford Swim in May and the Great North Swim in June :-)

I gave myself a target of 60 lengths tonight which is 1.5k and I did this in approximately 50 minutes. I swam about 8 lengths in freestyle. All in all, feeling good, progress is happening!

Miles on bike so far in 2011: 29 Miles
Swimming lengths (25m): 310 lengths.
Zumba (hours spent dancing): 7 hours.