Friday, 26 November 2010

End of November

I have been to Rothwell Pool twice more since I last updated (and yes I am down to swimming once per week at the moment), and I still haven't managed 50m of crawl without stopping. My distance has improved though and I am nearly capable of swimming the 1 mile distance I need to finish The Great Swim Series distances next year.


Pool: Rothwell
Distance: 50 lengths
Stroke: breaststroke, crawl and some backstroke.
Time: Approx 40 minutes.
Notes: Felt strong swimming through lengths 35-45, and this is an improvement from when I first started when I seemed to peak at about length 22-25. Crawl is becoming faster and more confident.

I am still going to a Pilates class once per week, but time to swim is down to a minimum due to lots of Christmas and kitchen stuff taking up time!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Swimming Update (into November). And Build a Tri-Bike....

I have had a little break from my intensive swimming routine, following a week's holiday at half term and then minor upheaval to family life while our kitchen was put back together after being ripped out and re-fitted.

I have swam twice this week and feel I am not back into things. Last night:

Pool: Rothwell, Leeds.
Lengths: 36
Stroke: Breaststroke, plus 7 lengths of front crawl and two lengths on my back.
Time: 30 minutes (approx)
Notes: I felt restricted by time, realising it was 8pm and I had better get back home (my youngest child relying on me to go to sleep.....), so I had only been swimming for 30 minutes, though I felt I had another easy 20 minutes in me. Next time I will go earlier. First time I have swum so many crawl lengths in one go, though not yet done two consecutive crawl lengths (ie 50 metres).

I have been to Rothwell on a Friday night a few times now and it is definitely the favourite swimming session I have found so far. It is lane swimming, split up, dependent on how fast you are swimming (so I can choose a lane where I can rest a lot if needed, or choose a faster lane if I don't want to avoid slower swimmers on other occasions.......) and it is always pretty quiet.

I am also pleased with my progress with my crawl stroke (this being, for me, a sprint stroke, leaving me panting for breath!) and I am hoping to manage a 50m sprint next Friday.

I have also order a THIRD pair of goggles, still in search of the perfect pair, that are comfy and don't fog! (Good job they are inexpensive!). I borrowed my husband's goggles which are similar to these (different brand though!) And they didn't fog. The Kayenne's should be better for fitting as they are aimed at women (smaller!).

Cycling... hmmm, cycling. Well, with winter here, I had hoped to cycle once per week. But to be frank, I dislike cycling in cold, windy, wet, dark conditions. My only daylight option is Sunday, and I keep finding reasons not to go.... so I am admitting defeat on this front and I will pick it up in early Spring (March).

So I am in search of a more aerobic fitness class to try and keep me vaguely fit over winter (I have made Pilates a regular weekly thing, but it is hardly aerobic/cardiovascular...).

I met up with and had a chat with a friend this week, who goes to a weekly step aerobic class. Not hugely my thing, but knowing someone at a class where you are the newbie is a huge motivator in ensuring you do go... so I plan to do step aerobics for the first time ever, on Monday!!

On a side note, my lovely husband has decided to embark on a new bike project so I thought I would blog on his progress. He already has a bike capable of being adapted for off-road, or modified to cope with road/race/triathlon conditions.. but he yearns over a tri-specific road bike. (They cost several thousands of pounds.)

So he is buying the bits and building one (and as far as I can tell, so far, it also costs several thousand pounds.....)

He bought a carbon fiber frame and forks/stem this week, plus wheels, tyres and a group set (all the metal bits, such as chain-set, cogs, chain etc). Never seen a carbon fiber bike in real life bfore (well I have, but not handled one!) and WOW it is so amazingly light! Picture of The Tri Bike so far, (and yes, the cat approves!) Click the pictures to see it in all it's carbon fiber loveliness: